India faces the twin epidemic of continuing/emerging infectious diseases as well as chronic degenerative diseases. The former is related to poor implementation of the public health programs, and the latter to demographic transition with increase in life expectancy.

Economic deprivation in a large segment of population results in poor access to health care.Poor educational status leads to non-utilization of scanty health services and increase in avoidable risk factors.

Shubh Lagan Divyang Foundation on its part since 2020, has health programs incorporated in all its projects as it believes that good health is the key to enhancing learning and living. Children are scanned for Disability, Ophthalmic issues, Dental Issues and general health issues such as nutritional deficiencies etc.

India has more than 72,000 children and adults with unrepairable cleft lip or cleft palate.Infants in low and middle-income countries face significant barriers to treatment, leading to prolonged disfigurement, social stigma, speech impairment as well as trouble of feeding food that can result in malnutrition and death. Safe, timely and effective surgery can result in successful outcomes. Substandard nutrition and a lack of prenatal care are known to be the likely reasons for these congenital disorders.

This disfigurement leads to issues to social withdrawal by the children and also to functional speech issues. Shubh Lagan Divyang Foundation intervenes by helping these children get affordable surgery free of cost by tying up with Donors and organisations.

Disability is also a stigma problem in Indian society. The number of people with Disabilities in India has been estimated at 70 million. Most people with disabilities in India and their families are focused on survival in the context of deep poverty. People with disabilities are often seen as wicked or deceitful, or as unable to progress to adulthood and dependent on charity and pity for assistance.Disability in India is affected by other social divisions such as class, gender, and caste.

Most of the population affected by Disability cannot access correctional aids or other forms of treatment and physiotherapy.With limited resources, the able persons in the family get a priority for almost everything.Parents also hide disability due to negative cultural practices that exist.Survival, Food and Shelter take priority over healthcare for most of the population of India, as the prohibitive cost of healthcare keeps them away.

Shubh Lagan Divyang Foundation intervenes in these areas by helping underprivileged children access correctional aids like knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO) and ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) which shall help children gain some normalcy in their lives.

Shubh Lagan Divyang Foundation also believes that each citizen has every right to attain good health care in terms of safe nutritional and hygiene practices and is committed to the society by organizing regular health camps on all such types of health issues.