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Welcome To Shubh Lagan Divyang Foundation

As rightly said by Nick Vujicic ‘Fear is the biggest disability of all. It will paralyze you more than being in wheelchair’. The Constitution of India gives equal rights to every legal citizen of India, whether they are healthy or disabled in any way (physically or mentally). The current Indian government has also proposed to use word ‘Divyang’ (Divine Body) instead of ‘Disability’ (Viklang) as they are special souls of God.

Shubh Lagan Divyang foundation is a nonprofit organization (NGO) registered under Section 8 of company’s act - 2013, organizes mass wedding ceremonies for the underprivileged and differently-abled to break the perception of the society towards the wedding of the differently-abled. Finding love or a life partner is one of the biggest challenges for a physically disabled person in India. It’s very difficult for physically disabled people to get married in India and almost negligible and those that are there also do not help handicapped people get married in India. A handicapped person can be facing physical immobility, visual impairment, and even hearing impairment in some cases. A person could become handicapped due to any reason, but this should not affect their ability to find love or a life partner.

Shubh lagan Divyang foundation root up the challenges faced by the differently-abled people to find life partners who can understand their thoughts, viewpoints, lifestyles, and ready to spend complete life with each other. We also provide Education and Health to differently-abled.